How to Find the Best Used Cars For Sale

How to Find the Best Used Cars For Sale

When you are looking for used cars for sale, every piece of information and every tip matter. There are so many options to choose from that potential buyers are overwhelmed. They simply don’t know what to choose. And car dealers are not making things any easier. Most of them are just after profit, so they are not really interested in helping people make the right decisions. We, on the other hand, are here to show you how to find the perfect vehicle for your needs. You just need to follow a few simple rules, actually.

Used Cars for Sale at Dealerships

Let’s assume you don’t want to meet strangers in unfamiliar places, especially when you want to conduct a cash transaction. In other words, we rule out most private sellers. And besides, dealing with a used car dealership is safer in most cases. Simply by dealing with a large company and not an individual seller can protect you from a lot of risks.

There are most likely dozens of used cars for sale in your area, and many of them are being sold by dealerships. So, which dealership should you choose? How do you pick the right car? Well, the first thing you need to do is do a bit of research. Find all the dealerships in your area and then look each one up on the Internet. You will most likely find plenty of reviews about each one of them. Rule out the companies that have received a significant amount of negative reviews. You simply cannot trust them.

Next, take a look at the makes, models and years each dealership has for sale. There are dealerships that deal only in luxury vehicles that may be out of your budget. Others may only be selling cars under 10,000 with relatively high mileages. Rule out all dealerships that do not meet your minimum requirements. The ones that are left on your list are the ones you need to visit in person.

Can You Negotiate With Car Dealers?

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually negotiate the price of the pre-owned car with the dealership. It’s not just private sellers that are open to negotiations. Many dealerships actually price their cars higher because they expect most people to negotiate.

However, don’t expect to be able to bargain with a dealership like you would with a private seller. While their salespeople are usually open to sensible offers, dealerships will not lower the price by more than 10% in most cases. The best way to negotiate is to research the market and find the fair price for the vehicle you are interested in. Perhaps even find a similar vehicle that’s being sold by one of their competitors.

Do You Know What Certified Pre-Owned Cars Are?

Also, you need to be aware that there is another class of used cars you can find in many dealerships. A Certified Pre-Owned car is a vehicle that has undergone a thorough inspection and that has been refurbished by the manufacturer. CPO vehicles are usually late-model and have relatively low mileage. They have depreciated somewhat, but they are still more valuable than regular used cars. Basically, CPO vehicles are the sweet spot between used cars and new cars. Of course, you also get warranty for such vehicles (12 or even 24 months, limited to 100,000 miles in most cases). The downside is that you have to pay for these perks. CPO cars are more expensive than regular pre-owned vehicles.

Final Considerations

There are probably thousands of used cars for sale in your area. The best way to pick the right vehicle is to know what you need. Find the make and model you would like to purchase, research its market price, and then discuss your needs with reliable dealerships in your area. Because you know exactly what you want, the salespeople can’t try to sell you other cars that are probably of lower value. Also, you can politely negotiate the price because you know exactly how much such a vehicle really costs.

In other words, do your homework before you leave the house. Find the best dealerships in the area, find the make and model you want, and find the median price. Car salespeople treat confident customers differently. They will most likely not waste their time trying to convince you to buy something else and focus on your needs and requirements instead. And remember: it’s in their best interest to sell as many cars as possible – especially in the winter months.